Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Before and After pictures

October 2009 "297" and March 2011 "205"
85 to 90 percent of all people who loose large amounts of weight gain it all back... Loosing weight was the easy part keeping it off will always be my long term goal!
Cabo... Damn you tequila!!!
23rd Bday
Sisters wedding. 2 months before i quit smoking. 5 months before i started running.
First trail race!
ME and my nephew
Mile 23 of my first marathon

Tuesday, December 27, 2011


I am constantly changing my mind with what race and distance i wanna try during this next year! All i am sure about is that I wanna push myself harder then ever before! I wanna make this last year look like kids play... The two races I am for sure doing is the Napa Valley Marathon "it was my first full marathon" for the second time! Ideally I would like to run it under 4 hours "9:00 pace per mile". But as long i crush my time from last year "5:07"00" ill be happy! The second is the Diablo mountain Marathon! . Nearly 8,000 feet of up and down! ITll be the hardest thing i have ever done!

After those epic races I will be having the pleasure of safety running the last 35 miles of the western states 100 race with my good friend Nick Shoemaker! I hope to be able to run that race in its entirety one day. I find it to be a huge honor to be picked by nick to help him with the last 3rd of the race! That being said itll be the furthest I have ever ran. Meaning along with Shoey ill have to be in the best shape of my life!

This next year i will eat better, party less, play less video games, watch less TV, and train harder then ever before! While enjoying every second of it! Now back to my crosstraining!

2012, my story, racing, training!

The plan is start documenting everything about my passion for long distance running!